Mrs. Lowder


Mrs. Lowder

About Me:
My name is Mrs. Lowder and I am so excited to start the school year here at Shady Brook. I live in Kannapolis with my husband and two daughters and love being a part of this community. 

Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
Pfeiffer University- Magna Cum Laude
Bachelors Degree in Elementary Ed K-6

Educational Philosophy:
I have always enjoyed teaching and working with children and believe that all children can learn and reach their fullest potential. Thank you for joining me this year to help your child reach their goals and work towards their dreams.

What We Are Learning:

Math - In Math we are learning how to count objects and show one more or less. 
We are learning how to see objects in different ways, an array a line a circle and count to tell how many.
We are learning how to add numbers together and tell combinations to 5.

Reading - In Reading we are retelling a story from the beginning to the end using details from the text.

We are learning all about strategies that will help us become better readers. 
These are the strategies we have learned this month
Eagle Eye - We look at the pictures to tell what is happening in the story.
Lips the Fish - We get our mouth ready to help us say the first sound in the word and make sure the word we read is the same as the letter sound.
Stretchy snake - We say the word slowly and listen to each sound to solve the word, then we put it back together and say it fast.
Chunky Monkey - We look for parts of the word that we know, sight words, and ending sounds.

Writing - We are learning how to write about something we have done by drawing about it and using letters to label ourselves and the things around us in our picture. Now we are working on using the sounds we know to write the sentence.

Our sentences may only have one letter for each word, or we may use sight words from our sight word wall, some of us are working on writing more than one sound to make a sentence. 

Science - We are looking at the weather around us, and learning about what the weather is for each season. We have started graphing the weather each day on our own weather chart.

Social Studies - We are learning about Christmas around the world and talking about how we celebrate, looking at the similarities and differences in our traditions.

In the classroom we are learning about following directions, being a great leader. Taking turns and helping others, we are working on expressing ourselves through using our words when we are in groups and expressing how we feel in a positive way.