Mrs. Lowder


Mrs. Lowder

About Me:
My name is Mrs. Lowder and I am so excited to start the school year here at Shady Brook. I live in Kannapolis with my husband and two daughters and love being a part of this community. 

Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned:
Pfeiffer University- Magna Cum Laude
Bachelors Degree in Elementary Ed K-6

Educational Philosophy:
I have always enjoyed teaching and working with children and believe that all children can learn and reach their fullest potential. Thank you for joining me this year to help your child reach their goals and work towards their dreams.

What We Are Learning: March 2018

Reading & Writing Skills:

In Reading
Right now we are working on retelling stories from beginning to end using details from the text. We are comparing details and information in the text to what we know.
In writing we are working on writing sentences using our own thoughts and opinions, we are using detailed drawing and labels in our stories. Making sure our sentence has a capital letter, spaces between words and punctuation.
We can share our opinion and what we think about a topic using words like because and I think to support our thinking.
Sight Words to focus on this month are .....

List 1 and 2 are being sent home again.
Please practice these a few times a week, start with list 1 then once your child can read every one on list 1 move onto list 2.
Knowing these sight words and retelling stories using details from the book are the key to passing the end of year reading assessment and reading books on first grade level.
Without sight words students will not be able to read level D books which is our end of year level in reading.

Math Skills:
In math we are working on solving addition and subtraction problems using the language we hear.
Addition :all together, have now, in all, gave.
Subtraction: have left, have now, gave. 

This quarter our goal is to count to 100 by 1's and we are continuing to learn how to count by 10's.

Science & Social Studies Skills:

In Science we are learning all about Matter and its attributes.
how to describe and sort it into categories. 

In Social Studies we are talking all about the people who help our community and even have some friends coming in to share what they do in their job.   We have learned about police officers, firemen and women, teachers, and doctors.