Ms. Dancy - DLM
 Jill Dancy

Welcome to Digital Learning at The Brook!

My name is Jill Dancy and I am the Digital Learning and Media Coordinator  and at Shady Brook Elementary. I look forward to collaborating with teachers and students this year as we integrate technology into instruction.

I am a product of Kannapolis City Schools! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to return home to Shady Brook, where I began my learning adventures as an elementary student. Upon graduating from A.L. Brown, I moved out of state to attend Lee University where I obtained my bachelors degree in Human Development, Licensure K-8. I have a masters degree in Instructional Technology through Appalachian State.

As a classroom teacher I have taught both 4th and 5th grades.
Educational Philosophy/Vision: In my learning environment I strive to impart an intrinsic motivation for learning into my students by effectively modeling use of technology, opening the door to a variety of learning experiences. Through these learning experiences and high expectations students gain confidence and understanding of content taught. As the facilitator I host engaging, useful and appropriate learning opportunities, offering a selection of tools; collaboration, project based, problem solving strategies, etc; by which students choose a path of learning most conducive to their academic needs. As success is experienced students take ownership in their learning prompting them to become life long learners.

This is what we're doing with technology:
4th Grade Jobs in Pawland

Things parents/guardians can do to help:
-Monitor time spent using technology.
-Model appropriate use of technology.
-Provide engaging experiences using technology.

Online Resources:
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