Mrs. Cortés - Music

  Music Class

Vivian Cortés

         Welcome to Music Class

 Hello ! My name is Vivian Cortés, I am the music teacher. I'm from Puerto Rico, United States. I moved to North Carolina in December 1999 along with my husband Martin and my two kids Martin Andrés and Viviana María. I have been working at  Shady Brook and Fred L Wilson since 2002. I love my profession and teaching music to children and playing music have always been my passions. I am looking forward to a fantastic school year and music programs for students and parents.

     College Attended/ Degrees Earned

        I graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico where I received a bachelor degree in Piano Performance and  Music Education.

      Educational Philosophy / Vision

                   The opportunity to learn about the arts and to perform as artists is an essential part of a well-rounded curriculum and complete education. The arts help students explore realities, relationships and ideas that cannot be conveyed simply in words or numbers. And the arts engender innovative problem solving that students can apply to other academic disciplines while at the same time, provide experience working as a team.


                                              MUSIC CLASS 

                                 March 2018

                                  Welcome to our Music class Third Quarter

Kindergarten  Pitch and Melody
                        Same and Different sections in Music.
                        Two- pitch melodic patterns
                        Iconic symbols for at least two pitches

1st Grade   Lines and Spaces
                   Singing and play three pitch melodic patterns
                    Create two phrase melodies using three pitches
                  Recognizing melodic patterns, rhythmic patterns
2nd grade  Music  Notation  Rhythm patterns (half, quarter, notes and rest, beamed  
                    eighth notes
                   Orff Instruments
                   Singing and playing Three- pitch melody patterns
                   AB- ABA form
 3rd grade-  More about  Staff, Treble Clef, 
                     Orff Instruments- Sing and playing Major and Pentatonic scales
                     and melodies
                     Preparing repertory for Spring Musical

4th grade-  More about the Staff, Treble clef, Reading notation
                   New ukulele chords to apply to new songs
                   Ukulele songs for Spring Musical
                    Partner Songs

5th grade-  Review The Staff, Treble clef, Reading notation, 
                   Recorder notes: G, A, B, C, D    additional note: E low
                    Recorder songs for Spring Musical