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My name is Ms. Renee Fisher, and I am super excited to be teaching 4th grade this year at Shady Brook! This is my third year at the Brook, and they have all been in 4th grade! I was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and all of my family still resides there. I live in Mooresville with my 2 wonderful Morkie puppies, Akiya and Alliyah. I love doing anything outdoors, especially going to the beach, hiking and running! I am thrilled to be a part of Shady Brook's amazing family, and I'm sure we will have an awesome and productive school year!

College(s) Attended/Degrees Earned:

 University of Tampa with a degree in Elementary Education with ESL concentration

Educational Philosophy/Vision:

I believe each and every child we teach can be successful, no matter what it takes. Everyone has different learning styles, so I approach each concept we learn in many different ways. I am an extremely creative person, so I often ask my students "outside the box" questions that require them to turn on those areas deep inside their brains. I expect my students to not just answer questions but justify and support their answers. My goal is that all of my students leave 4th grade as responsible, respectful and eager learners who are ready to tackle whatever life throws at them!

What's Going on in Our Classroom?

IN MATH: We are spending a majority of this quarter with FRACTIONS! We are learning to write and draw fractions, find equivalent fractions, compare fractions and add, subtract and multiply fractions.

IN LITERACY: We are reading the novel "A Long Way From Chicago." We are loving it so far and are enjoying reading about Joey and Mary Alice's summer visits with their crazy grandma. We are integrating all of the literacy skills we have been practicing throughout the year into our novel study.

IN SCIENCE: We are learning about healthy eating and exercise. We are applying this to real-life situations so that we can become healthy adults!

IN SOCIAL STUDIES: We are learning about the beginnings of North Carolina, including The Lost Colony of Roanoke and wars and events that affected North Carolina throughout history.
IN WRITING: We have chosen a specific person for our informational writing piece. We are going to learn all about this person and use this information to write a research paper AND create a fun final project!

* We have also discussed the rules and expectations for us as safe, respectful, responsible and encouraging Bulldogs. This will set us up for a great, successful year!


Things Parents/Guardians can do 
at home to help:

Work on your multiplication facts! Also, summarize the book (or part of the book) that you are reading using your fiction summary hand!